The Wopilo Plus pillow

Ultra-adjustable pillow with neck support
109 €
  • An ideal combination of comfort and neck support
  • 2 cores supplied, for 2 levels of support
  • Adjustable pillow filler
  • Ideal for sleeping on your back or on your side
  • Made in France
  • 44 x 62 x 20 cm

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The Wopilo Plus pillow
109 €
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Pillow protector
Pillow protector
To keep your pillow clean for longer
20 €
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Organic cotton percale pillowcase
20 €
20 €
20 €
20 €
20 €

The Wopilo Plus pillow

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Details & Composition

100% customisable comfort and loft!

Thanks to the zips on the side, pillow filler can be used to adjust the 2 compartments: you can choose to lay your head on the thick compartment for softer comfort, or on the thin compartment for firmer comfort. A firm core is supplied for even more neck support.

Our ergonomic pillow offers a customisable level of comfort and optimal neck support thanks to its memory foam core and its 2 compartments brimming with ultra-fluffy pillow filler.

  • Shell: cotton percale (thread count: 91/cm²)
  • Anti-allergenic pillow filler: duvet-soft microfibres
  • Patented anti-mite treatment (Global Security Dream)
  • Supplied with an additional bag of pillow filler
  • Supplied with 2 memory foam cores of different densities
  • OEKO-TEX®STANDARD 100-certified (absence of substances harmful to human health)
  • 44 x 62 x 20 cm, suitable for use with standard 50 x 70 cm rectangular pillowcases

Cleaning and care

Organic cotton pillow protector – To keep your pillow clean

The pillow protector preserves your pillow, keeping it clean and helping it last longer.

Discover our pillow protectors

Do not wash your Wopilo in the washing machine. Dry-clean approx. once a year for easier washing and drying. Warning! The core does not need to be cleaned – Remember to remove it from the pillow before dry-cleaning.


A carbon footprint of 24.8 kg of CO₂

Of which 30% is compensated by our workshop via our contribution to environmental projects. This is the equivalent of 0.8 cotton sweatshirts.

  • OEKO-TEX®STANDARD 100-certified

No substances harmful to human health or the planet.

  • Made in France (in Burgundy)

Made by the very best specialists in a centenarian EPV-certified workshop: EPV stands for "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (or Living Heritage Company), and its certification is a sign of recognition awarded by the French state, created to distinguish French companies with exceptional artisanal and industrial expertise.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
Dirk W. (Kiel, Germany)

schlechte Bedienungsanleitung, schlecht Übersetzt

Leon (Munich, Germany)
Difficult adaptation, still unsure

After lots of trial and error, I still have troubles sleeping, which I didn't have before - it just feels wrong. I'm hoping to still get used to it or figure out what I may be doing wrong, but I think it's most likely that I will still just get rid of it at some point. Maybe there is a possibility of sending it back to you, so I don't have to just throw it away?
Edit: Received very good & quick customer support and a thinner pillow core.

Manuela P. (Vienna, Austria)
tolles Teil

Es schläft sich ausgezeichnet!!!

Antonia S. (Bergfeld, Germany)
Wirklich bequem

Ich habe sonst immer mit einem halben Kissen geschlafen und zur Unterstützung noch eine Nackenrolle dazu gelegt. Dieses Kissen vereint beides. Sehr gut.

Claudia S. (Simmern, Germany)
Tolles Kissen

Anfangs hatte ich ein paar Eingewöhnungsproblem. Hier gab mir das Team von Wopilo toll zur Seite gestanden.

Kann ich auf jeden Fall sehr empfehlen.

Vielen Dank


Customisable comfort
Customisable loft
Choice of neck support
Exceptional quality
Relieves neck pain


Time required to adapt
Volatile filling
Adjustment can be complex

The reviews listed below refer primarily to our products. For more reviews on the Wopilo Customer Experience, visit Trustpilot.

Your questions answered

Is the Wopilo plus ergonomic pillow suitable for my sleeping position?

The Wopilo plus is the ideal companion for all sleeping positions 😇 .

This ergonomic and comfortable pillow offers all the neck support of a specialised cervical pillow and the choice between the soft and firm comfort of a classic pillow. We called upon an osteopathic sports doctor to help us design the Wopilo plus. Our pillow combines the strengths of anatomic pillows, memory foam pillows, and osteopathic pillows. Your spinal column is aligned, so you can sleep pain-free!

The Wopilo plus pillow is suitable for all dreamers above 15 years old. With its memory foam core, it is perfectly suited to people who sleep on their back or side, offering an ideal sleeping position to relieve neck pain.

Its thickness tends to favour side sleeping.

😇 Fret not – we explain everything in the user guide nestled inside the Wopilo box.

How can I make the most of the Wopilo plus adjustable pillow?

Here are our tips and tricks to get the most out of your Wopilo plus ergonomic pillow and make every night a night to remember:

1. The Wopilo label should always be at the top 👆

To make the most of your Wopilo plus and fully enjoy the neck support offered by the memory foam core, the label should always face the top of your bed, above your head. The pillow should always be nestled under your neck to ensure maximum support.

2. Choose your level of comfort

Lay your head on the thick compartment for softer comfort, or on the thin compartment for firmer comfort.

💡 The Wopilo plus uses pillow filler made of the latest-generation microfibres. With a diameter of 0.8 dtex (the finest on the market), our microfibres envelop your head with all the softness of a duvet.

😇 If you have any questions or queries, you will find all the information you need in the user guide nestled inside the Wopilo box.

How to choose the right ergonomic pillow?

You've decided to buy an ergonomic memory foam pillow. A great decision for your neck, but it's important to choose the right one for you.

Don't forget that, even though a certain pillow works for your partner, it may not necessarily be the one you need so you can sleep pain-free!

Here are a few pointers that should help you make the right choice:

Choosing an ergonomic pillow based on your sleeping position
How do you usually sleep? On your back? On your side? Certain ergonomic pillows are designed for people who sleep on their back or side, while some work better for people who sleep on their front.

At Wopilo, we decided to design and offer an ergonomic pillow suitable for all sleeping positions.

Simply adjust the amount of pillow filler according to your needs for a pillow tailored entirely to you!

What is the difference between an ergonomic pillow and a memory foam pillow?

Tired of waking up with a stiff neck? We recommend changing your bedding, so you can finally sleep comfortably. While changing your mattress might help with back pain, your pillow is the key to relieving pain in your neck, which is sorely put to the test throughout the day (and night, if you do not sleep on a neck cushion suited to your needs).

To relieve neck pain and finally get a good night's sleep, you may be considering investing in an ergonomic pillow. But with so many versions available both in shops and online, it can be hard to find your bearings.

Of course, you don't want to make the wrong call – ergonomic pillows can be costly, and because everyone is different with different needs, it makes sense to read up on all the various characteristics of each orthopaedic pillow before committing. Much like choosing a mattress, deciding on the right pillow is crucial because we spent a third of our lives sleeping – and we want that time to be well invested!

Amid the many questions you may have, you're probably wondering if it's better to opt for a memory foam pillow or an Ergonomic pillow for the most exceptional comfort and sleep.

Fret not – we'll explain everything you need to know!

Using an ergonomic pillow to improve the quality of your sleep
Regardless of the pillow filler you choose for your ergonomic pillow, it will provide a multitude of benefits:

  • Limits the risk of developing back and neck pain;
  • Relieves neck tension and helps maintain good posture;
  • Offers inimitable comfort;
  • Limits snoring thanks to its firmness.

Memory foam pillows represent just one among many types of ergonomic pillows.
The term "ergonomic" refers to numerous types of pillows. Ergonomic pillows can be made of a variety of materials, including memory foam. Viscoelastic (memory) foam pillows are therefore ergonomic pillows!

Here are some of the various pillow fillers available for pillows that relieve neck pain and promote high-quality sleep:

  • Memory foam;
  • Latex;
  • Siliconised polyester fibres;
  • Feathers & Down;
  • Bamboo;
  • Etc.

As you can see, when it comes to pillow fillers for ergonomic pillows, you're spoilt for choice!

However, memory foam does tend to be the most comfortable form of pillow filler. This should not really come as a surprise, given that viscoelastic foam was invented by NASA!

It is therefore just as unsurprising that memory foam pillows have been the most popular type for a number of years. They mould to the shape of your body and the curves of your head and neck, offering optimal comfort and more restorative sleep.

Other materials may be equally helpful when it comes to eliminating neck pain, but most people still find them less comfortable than memory foam pillows. Latex, for example, possesses countless qualities, but is also very firm. While some people prefer firmer support, this is not necessarily the case for everyone!

The perfect compromise: The Wopilo plus ergonomic pillow
At Wopilo, we strive to provide you with the very best for your neck! The good news is that support is not incompatible with comfort... Far from it!

The true strength of our ergonomic pillow lies in its 2 distinctive parts:

  • Its viscoelastic foam core;
  • Its microfibre pillow filler.

The memory foam core – discreetly enveloped within its microfibre shell – takes care of your neck while you enjoy exceptional comfort thanks to the microfibres.

This also make the ergonomic pillow easier to clean and care for, which is a big plus for Wopilo and for you, as cleaning and care are necessary to ensure your bedding remains in hygienic and good condition for longer!

Cleaning and care for Oeko-Tex Standard 100-certified pillows:

While the shell is not removable, they are easy to dry-clean. However, their covers and pillowcases are washing machine-compatible unlike other pillows! Practical for ensuring they remain clean and reducing the risk of allergies.

Shake and aerate your pillow regularly to fluff it up. Avoid overheating your bedroom so as to limit bacterial growth. A year-round temperature of 18°C is ideal!

It is vital to keep your bedding clean, which is why our ergonomic pillows are treated against mites. The synthetic pillow filler used in our pillows also helps reduce the risk of allergies, as does memory foam.

Should we recap everything we now know about the Wopilo plus?

Wopilo ergonomic pillows can relieve neck pain!

Our innovative ergonomic pillows offer the perfect combination of neck support and comfort. They respect the proper alignment of your spinal column throughout the night, and are osteopath-, chiropractor-, and physiotherapist-approved.

The composition of our Wopilo pillows is what makes them unique, thanks to their extremely comfortable microfibre pillow filler and memory foam core.

Advantages of these 2 materials:

  • Viscoelastic foam moulds to the shape of your neck: your tension and pain melt away as soon as you lay your head on your ergonomic pillow;
  • Microfibres offer genuine comfort: whether you prefer a soft or firm feel, both offer optimal ventilation that limits perspiration and bacterial growth.

The Wopilo pillow adapts to your preferences in terms of comfort and sleeping habits. You can choose to sleep on the firm side or the soft side, whichever your heart (or head) desires. It is perfectly suited for sleeping on your back or on your side – the choice is yours... In either case, remember that your shoulders should remain in contact with the mattress, below the ergonomic pillow, for pain-free experience.

Wopilo plus ergonomic pillow: you can also customise the loft of your anatomic pillow. The pillow filler is adjustable and can rise up (or lower down) to all your expectations in terms of comfort:

  • For firmer comfort, adjust the loft of your pillow by adding a few handfuls of the pillow filler supplied with the pillow;
  • For softer comfort, simply remove a few handfuls of pillow filler!

This easy-to-use pillow truly is the ideal companion for your neck!

Hoping for a little something extra? We offer a 30-night trial to test our pillows! What are you waiting for to finally start getting a good night's sleep?

How do I wash the Wopilo plus pillow?

If you're wondering how to clean and care for an Ergonomic pillow, or how to get rid of perspirations stains, wonder no more! Cleaning and caring for your pillow couldn't be easier! Simply dry-clean once a year.

How to best care for your night-time companion:

💛 Remember to remove the core from the pillow before dry-cleaning.

🧡 In between dry-cleans, place the (dry) pillow in the tumble dryer for approx. 20 minutes to fluff it up.

⚠️ Do not wash in the washing machine.

😇 Fret not – everything is explained in the user guide nestled inside the Wopilo box.

What happens to pillows that have been returned?

At Wopilo, we offer a 30-night trial on all your orders.

👉 What happens to products that have been returned?

If you've contacted our Customer Experience Team, tried all the solutions on offer, and your pillow still isn't a perfect fit, you can simply return it to us. Don't worry – returned pillows are not restocked. There is absolutely no risk of you receiving a pillow that has already been slept on by another customer.

However, we do indeed give our returned pillows a new lease on life! We have set up a programme with healthcare professionals, allowing them to try out a few of our returned (and reconditioned) pillows so they can recommend them to their patients. As for any leftover returned pillows, we donate them to charities such as Secours Populaire and Emmaüs, among others.

By breathing new life into our reconditioned Wopilo pillows, we strive – on our own small scale – to better the nights of those in need.