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Is the Wopilo plus suitable for my sleeping position?

The Wopilo plus is the ideal companion for all sleeping positions 😇 .

This ergonomic and comfortable pillow offers all the neck support of a specialised cervical pillow and the choice between the soft and firm comfort of a classic pillow. We called upon an osteopathic sports doctor to help us design the Wopilo plus. Our pillow combines the strengths of anatomic pillows, memory foam pillows, and osteopathic pillows. Your spinal column is aligned, so you can sleep pain-free!

The Wopilo plus pillow is suitable for all dreamers above 15 years old. With its memory foam core, it is perfectly suited to people who sleep on their back or side, offering an ideal sleeping position to relieve neck pain.

Its thickness tends to favour side sleeping.

😇 Fret not – we explain everything in the user guide nestled inside the Wopilo box.

How long will I be able to use this pillow?

Our pillows generally last for approx. 2.5 years.

Beyond this, the level of comfort they offer is no longer considered optimal.

Our cores have a lifespan of approx. 8 years, which is why we offer the possibility of buying a replacement pillow without the memory foam core as a more economical alternative 😇 .

Why should I choose the Wopilo plus over other brand pillows?

Wopilo – the ultimate innovative ergonomic pillow 💤
We know our subject and our pillows inside and out. We developed dozens of prototypes (and performed A LOT of tests) before we attained the perfect balance between comfort and neck support. Offering you a pain-free and restful night's sleep is our mantra.

A 5-star workshop based in France 🇫🇷
We work with local channels, and without intermediaries. This allows us to keep our margins tight and to sell our Wopilo plus for a fair and competitive price, all year round. It's also why you'll almost never see our products discounted or in the sales, and never sold by large retailers.

Why does the Wopilo plus cost €109?
We know that most households opt for pillows sold by our competitors. At Wopilo, we prefer to bring a new perspective.

We realise that €109 is a lot of money for a pillow (€209 for 2). However, we spend a third of our lives sleeping, so we believe that investing in a high-quality pillow is essential for your comfort and sleep. Buying a high-quality pillow means buying a better night's sleep!

We base our pricing on 4 strengths:

1. Excellent quality materials: a 100% cotton percale shell with a thread count of 91/cm², latest-generation microfibres and memory foam, and a patented anti-mite treatment applied to both compartments of the pillow.

2. Innovation: the Wopilo plus is an innovative pillow that requires more work than traditional pillows and basic pseudo-ergonomic memory foam pillows.

3. Expert production: our top-of-the-range pillows are made in France in a centenarian EPV-certified workshop (Living Heritage Company) renowned for its know-how.

4. No intermediaries: we work with local channels, which allows us to keep our margins tight and to sell our products for a fair and competitive price, all year round.